Tuesday, March 31, 2009

“La Moustache”

Last night I watched a wonderful French film titled “La Moustache” (2005), directed by Emmanuel CarrĂ©re.  ItLaMoustache was the story of an amazing journey into madness and mystery, as the plot centers around the strange happenings of a man who decides to shave his mustache on a whim!


I actually love foreign movies, even to the point of preferring them to traditional Hollywood fare. What I enjoy most about them is their general respect for the audience. Foreign directors are less apt to treat their viewers as too stupid to appreciate a complex plot…or even a plot at all. Sadly, most of the big premium movie channels show little in the way of Independent or foreign films, so what I usually do is either rent them or check them out free from my local Library. That’s certainly a good place to start, and since they’re free, you risk nothing if the movie doesn’t quite live up to your tastes.