Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So, today I'm planning on picking up Fable 2, the game I've most anticipated since playing the original about a year and a half ago.

There's a wonderful mini-game you can play over at which lets you get some items before you even put the game into your console! It's also a fun way to preview the story elements and get a refresher on the gameplay.

In non-gaming news, I've been really busy lately getting an online education, and playing the good student that I never was in High School! It's been fun, not in the least due to the money I've received for my Student Loans which has enabled me to purchase a much-needed laptop (for school purposes only, of course)! Hopefully, I'll be able to get a degree in IT so I can join the pathway to the Future!

I've also been dealing with the unfortunate business of my Brother's incarceration. It's not really over anything serious, he just forgot to tell his Probation Officer that he changed addresses...which apparently makes him a danger to the streets and warrants immediate lockup! Those pesky address-withholders...throw the book at 'em! Anyway, he's got court this Friday, and his girlfriend's been nothing but aggravating as she's constantly stressing about him. I can understand being upset over your lover getting locked up, but there's no need to completely unravel...especially when it's only for like a month or two! But, that's her MO: Freaking the hell out over the tiniest thing.

Well, Internets...that's my boring life for today. I hope to keep you all updated on the completely uninteresting things that come my way. Oh, and does anyone have some good reading suggestions? I'm in another "book slump" and need to get my hands on something moving!

Stay Awesome Everyone!