Monday, May 12, 2008

My Sci-Fi Invasion

    April proved to be a relatively uneventful month, with nothing more interesting than my Mother's birthday and my Girlfriend's Mother's birthday. Hence my self-induced radio silence. However, this month proved to be pregnant with activity from its very beginning, having already given birth to several funtastic happenings!

     One particular happening of note was the reception of my Economic Stimulus Check! This was actually the catalyst for everything else which has occurred thus far. Upon receiving said "check", my mind sprang immediately to that subject of most crucial import: Food. I took my family out to dinner at a nice and fancy restaurant (read as: a nice Buffet joint). Surprisingly, we all managed to have a good time as everyone was actually able to act decently...that is, until my Grandmother decided to play Ocean's Eleven and pocket every dessert she could get her hands on! Ahhh family!

    So, after meeting the most primal of needs, it became readily apparent that another need was pressing...and no, not THAT one! I'm talking about the need to watch a good comic-book movie! Now, usually this need only barges into my soul about once a year, but as this summer alone has three "must-see" comic-movies, I'm prepared to give it a little more barging room. When Iron Man blasted its way into theaters last weekend, I was right there cheering on old Tony Stark with, apparently, most of the nation. And cheer I did! The sweeping tide of Awesome that crashed down on me when Tony first donned "The Suit" nearly drowned me in its depths! This was the very first Marvel movie produced in-house, and it simply showed that this is how they should have been making Super-Hero movies all along. Needless to say, Iron Man was a movie made for true comic-book fans, and they totally nailed it on the head! I got the biggest goose bumps after the movie was over and past the credits, where their little "easter egg" nearly made me faint. All I will say is that the future for Marvel movies promises to be very entertaining!

    As always, I've also been doing a great deal of gaming and, thanks to our illustrious President, I've been able to procure a few choice titles this week! Firstly, I grabbed a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV which has not failed to appease! All the hype for this game is well deserved, and any fan of video games needs to do themselves a favor and slam this into their system as soon as possible! That's all I'll say on that for now, but expect to be hearing back from me on this game as I delve further and further into its murky depths! Marvel: Ultimate Alliance was another game I purchased this week. I was already familiar with its gameplay, as I had this title on the Original Xbox before I made the switch to Next-Gen, so there wasn't really any surprises aside from a few additional characters in the 360 version. But, due to Iron Man's ponderous impact, I just had to get a good Marvel game, and this is one of the best to date. Rounding out the list are Golden Sun for the Gameboy Advance, and Gears of War for the 360. I confess freely that I'm a major fan of JRPG's, particularly those based on the old SNES look; so Golden Sun has just had me all gaga over its amazing gameplay and magnetic story. I'm very pleased to have found this game in the bargain bin! Sadly, I've yet to play Gears yet, but will certainly let everyone know how I feel about it!

    Well, there's my month so far! Its truly been a roller-coaster ride of epic proportions...or, its at least been more enjoyable than April.
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