Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Music to Help with Bored-Frustration

Lately, my ears have been glued to some Norma Jean. They're basically my go-to band for when I'm both bored and filled with a little angst. Right now is just such a time, as I'm searching for work, and waiting for my tax returns...which you could translate as: I'm waiting for my Xbox 360 money to get here!! So, with all this pressure to "hurry up and wait", I felt it was time to break out with the CD collection. It was better than simply breaking stuff.

Anyways, the CD I'm rocking most is "O' God the Aftermath", which is their second release as Norma Jean (they were previously called Luti-Kriss, but changed to mitigate confusion with the rapper). I just love this band! They don't use computers in their studio when recording, so the music really carries that raw and powerful "Live" feel, but without the sucky sound. This is a good introductory CD for this band, along with their latest, "Redeemer".

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Inhumane Society

Recently, my Brother and his Girlfriend came to spend a few days with us, and brought their two pet cats Gizmo and Buddy along. I remember seeing these two young'ins as they were mere babes, holding them in the palm of my hand! They were simply adorable!

Gizmo had a habit of coming early into my room (sneaking in under the door) and waking me up by jumping on my chest and massaging me with her little paws. I couldn't think of a better way to start the day! But, alas, I will never again enjoy the bliss of waking to a Gizmo-massage: she's been murdered by the Humane Society.

See, Gizmo and Buddy loved to run around outdoors, without a leash, and have done so since their birth. My brother used to let them frolic and play outside of his own house, and so expected that they would do the same over here. Well, what neither of us knew, was that the Humane Society had set up animal traps in various places around our complex, perhaps for some of the foxes and raccoons that have been seen in the area. One day, as Gizmo and Buddy played, Giz wandered off...we didn't see her again for days. All of us grew worried, wondering if perhaps a neighbor had picked her up, or if she'd been hit by a car?

After a few days, one neighbor asked if we'd checked the traps? We hadn't heard of any traps, and so she showed us where some were, mentioning that the Humane Society had secretly put them there months earlier. The trap was empty, but this got us to go down and visit the Society and see if little Giz was there. And she was. Ahhh, sweet relief we thought...but no, the cruel fiends of the Society gave us no relief. Instead, in a move that would make Hitler cry, they demanded a fee of about $60 (which my brother couldn't afford at the time) and kept poor Gizmo there until we could pay it! Sadly, as my brother was unable to pay, little Giz was put to sleep a few weeks later. All because she wandered into a trap nobody knew about.

How can the so-called Humane Society get away with this? I could understand if we'd taken Gizmo in to them and asked them to take her. But we didn't ask them, nor did they ask us! She was downright Cat-Napped!!! And I feel they should be treated just like a person would who kidnapped someone's child, because little Giz was a part...not only of my brother's family...but of my own as well! If someone took my brother's daughter away, held her for a fee, and then killed her when we couldn't pay; would they not lock them up? From now on I'll be calling them the In-Humane Society, and exposing them for the House of Murder that they really are.